Lindum Rail Crossing – update

Petition to fix it handed to deputy PM

The railway crossing at Lindum station is a tricky one, as may people will know. It has also been a political football for quite a while, with various promises in the past to get it fixed (Campbell Newman promised to fix it when he was Lord Mayor, on one condition – his candidate was elected to the local seat; they weren’t so it didn’t get fixed).

Now Federal MP for Bonner Ross Vasta has spearheaded a bi-partisan approach (it has the support both of Councillor Peter Cumming and State MP Joan Pease) to getting the crossing fixed.

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Ross Vasta discusses the crossing with locals

In the highly unlikely event that you’re not familiar with the Lindum rail crossing, it is – in our opinion – one of the more dangerous railway crossings we’ve come across. In order to continue ‘straight on’ from Sibley Road, you have to do a dogleg over the crossing. Although oncoming traffic from North Road should give way to traffic turning left on to Lindum Road, in practice cars often don’t, as they only see these cars at the last minute. To complicate matters, the boom gates come down pretty frequently at rush hour, causing a traffic buildup on Kianawah and Sibley Roads and making the problem even worse when the boomgates go up.

QR have recorded 32 near misses between trains and either cars or pedestrians on the crossing between 2013-2017, an average of over six a year.

Last month Ross Vasta handed a petition with more than 4,500 signatures to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack asking for the crossing to be fixed. Let’s hope the petition gets some action before there is another near miss, or worse.

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  1. I would suggest take a look at Geebung station on the northside, it was similar to Lindum in that it had exits and entrances near the level crossing .It was also notorius like Lindum at peak times. Amajor new station and flyover was created a couple of years ago. In my humble opinion it wasnt as dangerous as Lindum. Look at it now. I feel that all level crossings in the Wynnum rail corridor are past their safe use by dates. The worst is Wynnum Central followed by Wyynum North and both should be replaced . Everyone has heard the Loud CLAXON /HORN in the area these crossings are the culprit . Its time our level crossings should be changed.

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