Masterchef contestant to open new look Wynnum bakery today

Later today Masterchef contestant and local Brisbane girl Neha Sen will officially open the new look Oliver’s Bakehouse in Wynnum.

Bubbly Masterchef contestant Neha Sen is all set to open the new look Oliver’s Bakehouse in Edith Street in Wynnum at 6.30pm this evening. Previously called Not Just Bread, owners Oliver and Delia Lang decided to rename the bakery recently and at the same time ‘spell out’ their specialisation in spelt bread (pun intended) a little more clearly.

Although the bakery bakes a full range of regular bread (made with wheat flour), they also bake spelt bread, rye bread and sourdough bread. Spelt is especially of interest to people who have a gluten intolerance and find normal wheat-based bread hard to digest – unlike entirely gluten free products, spelt bread can help with gluten and wheat intolerances, without sacrificing flavour.

“I love bread and recently developed a wheat intolerance. The thought of not being able to eat bread as much as I wanted, was depressing until I discovered spelt bread! I love it!” said Neha. “On the day I’m hoping to cook up my scrambled eggs with an Indian twist on spelt bread, and I’ll have copes of the recipe to give away.”

Although Neha will officially open the bakery at 6.30pm, the launch will be a whole day event, with sample spelt rolls being given away during the day and local nutritionist Michael Lawler of Eat Me Nutrition giving short talks and cooking demonstrations with spelt in the afternoon.

Oliver’s Bakehouse will also be holding a $250 voucher giveaway on the day.

See you there!

As seen on Weekend Notes  http://www.weekendnotes.com/masterchef-contestant-neha-sen-wynnum-central/

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