Meet the ‘Bra Lady’

Earlier this year you may have seen a new lingerie shop open up in Edith Street – Le Busté. Le Busté, owned by Andria Copp, focuses on making sure that customers get the right fit when they go shopping for lingerie.

Andria tells us she’s had a few names over the years, from ‘My Tit Doctor’ to ‘The Boob Queen’ and ‘The Bra Lady’ and more recently ‘the magician’, since she really does work a little magic to find the answers to all her customers’ busty problems!

WynnumCentral spoke with Andria recently…

WC: When did you set up Le Busté?

AC: I set up the business four years ago, running it from home. I took over 2 rooms to create a boutique and separate fitting room. I wanted to create a luxe, private, and highly personal experience in a safe space where everyone felt welcome and heard.

WC: What were you doing before you set up the business?

AC: I had a number of different jobs, from admin and accounting to working in travel, managing podiatry clinics and assisting a local naturopath.

WC: What prompted you to launch Le Busté?

AC: The idea started with a broken wire on our first family camping trip. There was only one retail shop at the time that had D+ cup sizes and I was miles from anywhere, so impossible to find anything that would remotely fit. I struggled with not only finding the right size and fit but wanted a personalised service and somewhere that I felt comfortable to get the right style for me. I personally lacked confidence and really disliked the idea of regular bra shopping. So I took plunge and opened my own business with a real goal to change women’s thinking about bra shopping, and to make it an enjoyable, positive experience.

WC: How is shopping at Le Busté different from how people normally buy lingerie?

AC: I am a professional and expert bra fitter, specialising in D+ cup sizes, so we take the time to find the perfect fit for you and listen to what you need to find exactly what you want. The feel of a perfectly fitting bra gives you a real strut to your step – it gives such a confidence boost being in supportive, comfortable, beautiful lingerie! It’s so important to get your foundations right – if your lingerie is not right then anything you put over it isn’t going to be right either!

WC: What made you decide to open Le Busté in Wynnum Central?

AC: It felt like the right time to open. I was exceptionally busy at home and my family were really over being kicked out of home when I had a client! It was also getting harder to manage a part-time role while building my business and so I knew it was time to open my first retail store. It’s been an exciting road to get here, I’ve had a few disasters – a flood for example – but all in all so proud to have my own boutique.

It was also important for me to be in the Wynnum community. I’ve worked in the area for a few years already and really loved the community spirit and Wynnum vibe. I feel at home and really excited to be here doing my thing changing one woman’s life at a time.

Bra fitting is a real art and is something that can be learnt but is not always textbook.

WC: How do you decide what to stock at Le Busté?

AC: I am very selective on brands and individual styles – I need to be able to stand behind the quality and know that each garment can deliver, with style, comfort and support being the three key elements I look for in my collection. Along with lingerie we also stock loungewear, swimwear, maternity wear and sportswear.

WC: Do you only stock the larger sizes?

AC: Absolutely not! We stock sizes from 6-26 in B-K cup, with most of the collection sourced from the UK and Europe where I have found quality D+ lingerie houses. We also stock some homegrown brands. Even though I am a D+ specialist, our sizing does start from a B cup.

Le Busté
3C/57 Edith Street Wynnum
Tel: 0424 526427
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm Sat 9am-2pm

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