New bike lanes around Wynnum

Have you seen the new bike lanes on roads around Wynnum? What do you think of them? At WynnumCentral we’re aware that not everybody is in favour of them, but we are and here’s why…

1) Cycling should be encouraged for all sorts of reasons and cyclists and cars really don’t mix that well – we’re better off with cycle lanes

2) On wide roads (like Wynnum North Road as pictured for example) as a pedestrian it can be very hard to cross, particularly when traffic is travelling fast. The new bike lanes effectively ‘narrow’ the road down, slow traffic slightly and make it much safer for pedestrians to cross. Given the proximity of a primary school to this particular location, this is good news in our opinion.

Let us know what you think.

wynnum bike lanes
A driver sticking within the new lines










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  1. I fully agree with all these comments especially with Wynnum North Road as I often walk across this road. And yes, people should be encouraged to use their bikes more and they have to have safe zones to do this. I do understand the issues that residents have in regards to parking in these streets so surely there is some sort of compromise that can be reached.

  2. Great! We have just moved to Wynnum because of the facility to use the bike as local transport. I am especially fond of biking because of my Danish origin where bike lanes are everywhere – very important for the safety of the bikers.
    It is my belief that biking combined with trains is the answer to future commuting and a must for local transport.

  3. The new marking for bike lanes appears that it could be a waste of ratepayers money.. Apart from I convincing local residents the lines do nothing to protect cyclists from busses pulling into and out from bus stops situated within the bike lane area. I fail to see the proposed major increase of bike use to justify the expense of line marking and ongoing maintenance.

  4. We have all heard the phrase “build it and they will come “.If bike lanes are present ppl will feel safe biking and using bike lanes.Be proactive.To many fatalities in the news to do nothing.

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