Republic of Wynnum announces new knighthood

Meet Sir Tom

Attendees at the Wynnum Business Christmas Lunch on Thursday 17th December were co-opted into an impromptu ‘Star Chamber’ for a very special purpose at the end of the meal. The guest speaker at the lunch was the founder of the inaugural Wynnum Fringe festival, Tom Oliver, and the reason for the Star Chamber was to award an honour to Tom in recognition of his services to the Republic in the field of entertainment.

Tom Oliver
Sir Tom

The twenty guests were asked to choose the most suitable honour to award Tom for his contribution to entertainment in the Republic. The choices ran from Prince all the way up to Lord. The final choice of the group was to bestow a Knighthood on Tom, making him Sir Tom Oliver*.

Since launching the Peerage in January 2015 on a strictly ‘cash for honours’ basis, the Republic has only ever awarded aristocratic titles to former presidents without any form of payment required. Tom Oliver is the first person in the Republic to be awarded an aristocratic title by merit alone and with no payment changing hands.

He is due to be knighted by the incoming President of the Republic at the official Presidential Inauguration which will we understand be announced soon.

Sir Tom takes his place amongst over 70 fellow aristocrats, including Earl Grey and Prince Craig The Indifferent.

Star Chamber

*as with all aristocratic titles in the Republic, these are only recognised within the Republic.

Main image: the knighting of Sir Peter Hellen

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  1. Well job done Tom and well deserved for his great efforts. Thank you to the Republic of Wynnum for choosing such a hard working person. Congratulations to Tom!

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