Republic of Wynnum marks 6 years of independence – Presidential race postponed

This Thursday 12th November is Independence Day in the Republic of Wynnum, marking six years since independence was declared on Wednesday 12th November 2014. For the past four years Independence Day has coincided with the Presidential race in the republic, but this year things will be a little different.

A spokesperson for the republic explained…

“The Government of the Republic of Wynnum has decided to postpone the Presidential race this year for a few reasons. Firstly our current President, although winning the race in November last year as normal, was prevented from taking office by the onset of COVID-19 – in fact President Bell’s Inauguration Ceremony only took place last September* – and he is keen to make one last major announcement for the Republic before leaving office.

Secondly we believe that Citizens of the Republic – and non-citizens as well – may be suffering a degree of ‘election fatigue’ (a recognised medical condition in the Republic) in the wake of elections in the US and in Australia and so we have decided to give them a moment to catch their collective breath before we embark on the process for selecting a new President here.”

President Bell

The spokesperson indicated that the Presidential race will proceed in the time-honoured way in the next few weeks. As in all previous Presidential ‘elections’ in the Republic of Wynnum, candidates are invited to submit their bids to become the fifth President by bidding on an online auction site. The candidate who puts in the highest bid automatically becomes president. The Republic will shortly be inviting people to take part in the race – we’ll keep you posted here.

There is no requirement that the President be born in the Republic or even be a citizen of the Republic. Read more about how it works here.

Read our previous coverage on the Presidential races here.


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