TV program shows success of Renew model

Just in case you missed it, you can still catch the first episode of Bespoke on ABC iView here…


How is this relevant to Wynnum? The presenter, Marcus Westbury, started the Renew Newcastle project in Newcastle in NSW which has been the inspiration for the Wynnum Creative Spaces project.

At this stage we are still looking for owners/landlords of empty shop units and offices in the WynnumCentral area so that we can get the project started. If you are an owner of an empty shop unit in Wynnum Central (or you know one!) please get in touch with us – 07 3040 1972 or [email protected]

empty shop Bay Terrace WynnumAlthough Wynnum Central is the grip of a mini boom, with many new businesses setting up and construction underway in several locations, there are still a large number of empty shop units which could be occupied on the short term ‘Renew’ basis by creative and artisanal projects. If Wynnum was able to achieve a fraction of what was achieved in Newcastle it would be a major step forward.

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  1. I watched this on the weekend and it is a wonderful example of the direction Wynnum could be taking towards renewal!!!

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