What you want to see in Wynnum

You spoke and we listened. To 249 of you anyway. The Wynnum Herald did a snap survey of what people wanted in Wynnum last year and you may recall we asked the same question of WynnumCentral readers and visitors. And here are the answers…

pie chartNo real surprises with a cinema still topping the list with 36.3% of the vote, although a surprisingly large number of people wanted a lagoon pool (20.3%) and more waterfront eateries (19.9%). People didn’t seem that interested in festivals or markets(!), but runners up, tying at 5.5% each, were a saltwater lap pool and a pedestrian mall. Perhaps we should combine a cinema with a big lagoon pool with an area for doing laps and stick it right in the middle of Edith Street. Statistically that would make 67.6% of the local population very happy!

Here are the results of both surveys…

WH=Wynnum Herald WC=WynnumCentral
Cinema WH:52% WC36%
Lagoon Pool WH:15% WC:20%
Waterfront Eateries WH:13% WC:20%
Skatepark WH:4% WC:4%
Tram WH:3% WC:2%
Festivals/Markets WH:3% WC:4%
Wynnum Creek Cleanup WH:3%WC: 3%
Esplanade Fairy Lights WH:2% WC:1%
Edit Street Pedestrian Mall WH:2% WC:6%
Saltwater Lap Pool WH:1% WC:6%

(they don’t add up to 100 as we rounded to the nearest whole figure)

(main image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Summer_Splash,_Pools_open_for_fun_in_the_sun_summer_swimming_130525-M-DB277-040.jpg)

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