Where have all the signs gone?

A week before the art/craft/vintage/retro market, the WynnumCentral team go around putting signs up around local roads letting people know it’s on. Then we have to go around the day after the market and pull them all up. Trouble is, a few of them always go missing.

The big mystery is, where have they gone? Is somebody collecting them? Or are they being taken away by aliens? Anonymous tip offs below please…

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  1. That’s horrible,
    I personly love the Edith Street market and think that every one should know about it,
    Why would any one take them is what i want to know.
    i hope who every has done it will stop :).

  2. I have been told that it would be a good idea to put on the back of the sign
    ‘Please leave this sign it will be collected’

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