Wymanly – what a joke!

Yep OK it was April Fool. What surprised us was…

1) how some people thought it was real (own up!) and
2) how the Facebook post on the day went bonkers (over 12,000 people saw it)

The big question now is – should we get the t-shirt made? WynnumCentral skipped April Fool’s Day last year, instead running a review of all the April Fool’s fun we’ve had over the years. You can read it here.

Talking of Facebook, the WynnumCentral Facebook page has just clicked over 4,000 Likes, which is a bit of a milestone for us. But we really want to get 4178 Likes (geddit?*), so, if you’re on Facebook and you haven’t liked us yet, help us get to our new target! We don’t know what we’re going to do once we hit 4178, maybe ask people to give us an honourable dislike to maintain that number. What do you think?

*it’s the postcode of course

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