We missed April Fool’s Day this year

That could be interpreted two ways – and it’s true in both of them. We did miss it and this was a conscious decision on our part since it fell slap bang in the middle of the (continuing) COVID-19 pandemic. But we also missed the sheer fun of thinking up a plausible April Fool story for you.

We took a leaf out of Google’s book (https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/good-news/2020/04/01/april-fools-day-cancelled/) who said they had cancelled April Fools Day – but they did announce this on the morning of April 1st …hmmm.

So instead we thought we’d look back at a few of our April Fools stories in previous years (and one that actually wasn’t). Were you taken in by any of these? Be honest!

2019 – Is this the answer to better parking for all in Wynnum?
2018 – Wynnum Metro Light Rail Proposal
2017 – Wynnum to get its own currency
2016 – More buckets and spades planned for Wynnum Central
2015 – Republic of Wynnum to be recognised officially by the UN?

PS We thought the story about the Wynnum Herald suspending its print edition was an April Fool at first.

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