Bayside United Super 6 Football

If, like me, the closest you get to a game of soccer is standing on the touchline watching your kids playing and occasionally shouting out encouragement or maybe a little advice(!), you might also – every now and then – get an urge to go out there and play yourself. Normally I follow Churchill’s advice to himself about exercise, namely if he ever felt like doing any he’d go and lie down in a darkened room until the feeling went away.

Now there may be an alternative for budding sports mums and dads without having to do it full on – the Super 6 tournament. Designed for serious amateurs and not so serious amateurs alike, the competition runs just eight weeks, not a full twenty-two week season and is played in the off season. Although it runs for ages from U6 and up, your editor has, perhaps rashly, agreed to play in one of the ‘senior’ teams. Allowance is made for players with (erm…) slightly below par fitness levels and the general idea is to go out and have some fun and get a little exercise into the bargain.

The first games start this week and if you’re keen there may still be a chance to get involved.

See you on the pitch!

More info at http://baysideunited.com.au/super6football/

Image credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_football

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