Is this the answer to better parking for all in Wynnum?

OK... April Fool

Major retail centres in Wynnum will have new car parking arrangements in place soon to assist with easier access. The plan involves allocating 4-Wheel-Drive Designated Parking at the centres, due to the increasing number of complaints from drivers of normal sized vehicles. Management staff have reported a long history of complaints from drivers who cannot see past the large 4WDs, especially when trying to reverse out of parking spaces.

The Operations Officer of Centre Management Wynnum Plaza said the time was right to take action to alleviate the problem.

“We have come up with a workable solution to the problem and have received agreement from the other retail centres in Wynnum Central, namely Coles and Woolworths”, she said.

One anonymous driver said “It’s so frustrating. I park in a spot with nothing around me and come back to find I’m surrounded by 4WDs” she said.

Another angry driver of a small sedan said, “I bet half of those 4WDs have never seen a grain of sand on Fraser Island or anywhere else those monsters belong” he said.

The plan for all three centres involves allocating parking areas to 4WDs around the extreme outside perimeter of the parking areas, leaving all the inner places free for all normal-sized vehicles to park with maximum visibility.

The plan will take effect on April 1st.

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    1. I hope it isn’t a joke. It’s about time small cars were given some priority. They use less petrol and are therefore greener. As an older driver of a small car I find the huge 4 WDs a menace.

  1. Great idea. I never drive nose in to a park only ever reverse in because of this.

  2. With every second vehicle now being a 4WD, it’s a bit optimistic to expect that their drivers will suddenly drive and park in a courteous manner.
    Today I watched with some amusement as someone tried to get one of these “trucks” parked in the carpark under Woolworths. After some minutes the driver gave up & left the vehicle sticking out into the driveway at an angle & making it very hard for other cars to pass behind.

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