Republic introduces tax regime with a twist

In an interesting move, over the weekend the Republic of Wynnum has announced that it has set up a taxation system to raise funds for various ‘cultural and infrastructure projects’ planned for the new nation. The big difference between its tax system and ones we might be more used to, is that payment of any ‘tax’ to the Republic of Wynnum would be entirely voluntary.

Republic of Wynnum passport front coverTax can be paid online on the official country website (here) and ‘taxpayers’ can choose how much they want to pay. The move recognises that not everyone – whether existing residents or people/citizens that live outside the republic – are ‘royalists’ (of sorts) who want to pay for a title under the country’s cash for honours scheme.

Taxpayers are recognised on the official website, unless they prefer to keep their tax payments anonymous.

For more details read the official announcement at www.republicofwynnum.org…

Republic of Wynnum sets up voluntary taxation system

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/68751915@N05/6629120915

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One Comment

  1. Could Wynnum Central please crowd-fund a new 2-screen cinema (eg. in the Wynnum IGA building when it closes when the new Woolies opens)? Just imagine the happiness that would give to the Wynnum-Manly community, especially old folks, kids and disabled people. I bet it would be packed in the evenings and weekends and have knock-on benefits for Wynnum cafes, bars and restaurants.

    Faced with an absent council and private sector greed, it would be a great story if the people of Wynnum just crowd funded a cinema ourselves.

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