The cinema survey results

Since we launched the WynnumCentral cinema survey a month or so ago we have had a staggering 1378 responses. If you are interested, you can download the summary responses (in PDF) at the bottom of this article. by clicking on the report cover.

To be honest we were quite surprised by the level of interest and the number of responses we received, but taking into account previous petitions and ‘word on the street’, perhaps we shouldn’t have been.

The difficulty has always been one of defining what different people mean by cinema, and one of the crucial questions was related to whether people would support a single screen or ‘arthouse’ style cinema. This survey indicates only just over half of the respondents would be interested in this type of cinema.

What did surprise us was how many people go to the cinema at least once a month, and also that the biggest group of responses was from adults who go to the cinema without children, either as a couple or in a group of adults. These were the two largest groups, bigger than adults going with children, which we had assumed would be the biggest segment.

The survey gives some hope, and some useful information to any potential cinema operator. We still believe the way to go would be crowdfunding, and maybe having an occasional open air cinema in Wynnum, perhaps tacked on to the end of the Twilight Market and ask everyone to bring a chair. What do you think?

Cinema Survey_cover

PS the survey is still open

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  1. There is no reason why a single screen venue couldn’t screen latest release movies. The cost may be higher.

  2. The open-air cinema is a great community interest, however tacking it on to the Markets, perhaps a little too late for the kiddies.

  3. You want to bring more people into the area then you must give them something to come for. A cinema and plenty of eating places plus some shops that will stay open for the extra custom and then people will start to want to come and spend some time in the area. We have a beautiful esplanade area that is used well on the weekends and public holidays (daylight hours) but totally under utilized at the moment during the week and evenings, so put that into the plans as well.

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