What is WynnumCentral?

WynnumCentral is an initiative funded by a relatively small number of traders in Wynnum who would like to bring some life back into Wynnum. Our slogan is ‘Not just a station, a destination’.

If you are a long time resident of the area you may well remember when Wynnum was the major shopping destination south of Brisbane. There were three cinemas, a major independent department store and at the weekends the pavements were full to bursting. How different today! Wynnum is busier during the week than it is at the weekends.

There are many reasons for this, but probably foremost is the growth in (air conditioned) indoor shopping malls like Carindale, Garden City and of course Wynnum Plaza, which are just more comfortable to be inside in the heat of summer.

But there are many other suburbs that are conventional ‘high street’ style and which are thriving – places like Oxford Street in Bulimba, West End and Paddington spring to mind. Why can’t Wynnum be like these places? Well the WynnumCentral team think it can be – it just has to give people a reason to come into Wynnum at the weekends, which will give the traders a reason to open their doors for longer.

So, from September, WynnumCentral will be hosting a monthly art, craft, vintage retro market. We will shortly be applying to hold this in Edith Street, blocking the street off to traffic on the first Saturday of every month, with the market stalls going right down the middle of the street. We will be encouraging all shops to open their doors from 9am to 5pm on market days to be a part of the event.

There are also other regular events planned, such as a monthly Art Trail on a Sunday, and a big event in 6-8 months time that at this point we are keeping under wraps. Watch this space.

Finally we’re planning on keeping everyone up-to-date on local news and events on this website (which you can read easily on a smartphone and tablet), via a weekly email update and a monthly printed news sheet, which will be available at participating Wynnum retailers and will also be distributed to households in the area.

You’ll be able to identify participating retailers by a little WynnumCentral sticker in their window.

What do you think of the new initiative. Do you like it? Do you like the slogan? Let us know below.

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  1. It is good as far as it goes. Why aren’t we looking at developing the area around the railway station to really be a destination not just a station. look at Toowong and Southport .

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