Wynnum Central Update

Things continue to change at a rapid pace in Wynnum Central, with shops closing as well as opening and new developments completing.

Edith Street furniture shop emptyThe furniture shop in Edith Street has closed its doors and the rumour is that it will soon become… wait for it… another op shop (one of the majors WynnumCentral understands). We are also waiting to see whether the Moroccan cafe/restaurant that opened briefly outside the IGA centre will re-open – maybe in the same location, maybe somewhere else.

Work on the Aboriginal Health Centre – Yulu Burri Ba – in Edith Street continues with an expected open date in the New Year. Apparently the opening was delayed as asbestos removal and remediation was required in the building.

And in the past few days the wrapping has come off the latest Wynnum development at 65 Ronald Street – the Oahu apartment building has 16 apartments on 5 levels including the ground floor. There are 12 two bed and 4 one bed apartments, all with balconies and views, with a resident access rooftop viewing and BBQ area. Prices start at $345,000. More info on the developer’s site.

The new Woolworth’s building is beginning to take shape (see ‘More details on Wynnum Library’).

Mali Cedar & PineAnd finally… WynnumCentral Member, wine bar Cedar & Pine has some good news this week – they have finally been given the OK to allow patrons to drink outside, that is in the area out the front and out the back. We assume this can now properly be called a ‘beer garden’ (we’re also assuming drinking on the footpath is still a big no-no). Congratulations Mali.

It’s all go in Wynnum!



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  1. Seriously, another op shop? I thought we were trying to inject some life into the area? Entice people to visit, support our local businesses, give them a “destination” so to speak. Another op shop simply cheapens the area in my opinion. I don’t know of another suburb that has such a concentration of them and I don’t see how it can be beneficial for Wynnum, we are already branded as “op shop central”.

  2. Starbucks, like it or not , would be a business that would bring ppl “downtown”.A chain fast food place also -someone with that financing should be able to set up that type of business.Not necessarily macca’s or hungry jacks but a Hogs Breath Cafe or Sizzler would also be great.

  3. Seriously we don’t need another Op shop we need public toilets with the amount of new high raise building going up its making Wynnum one of the most expensive places to live in and the shops we currently have are just not matching the area. We are also seeing a lot of homeless people what is Peter Cumming thinking..I have lived in Wynnum for 15 years and have watched over time all the different shops closing down. The traffic has increased and so have the people. I have seen over time the local that have lived here all there lives are forced to move out of the area because Wynnum is to expensive for them. VERY SAD.

  4. That’s awesome news about the outdoor consumption of alcohol for Cedar and Pine…congrats Mali !!
    As to another OP shop . that’s ridiculous! The landlords could split it up and entice more restaurants. Even a Sams Warehouse or similar would be a better option.

  5. I’m all for the op shop/s. I believe they do bring many visitors to Wynnum. I hope they stay as it is a fun way to shop and a vibe similar to some of the inner city suburbs of Sydney (but much easier to get round). The foodie/coffee places that are springing up add a new aspect and a great place to meet people. There is excitement in the air in Wynnum – love it! I embrace the new – but never want to see it’s bayside ambience ‘citified’. After all – it is about the only thing like it Brisbane has!! I hope to see more artisan shops get going and Wynnum will be one of the ONLY really individual places to go in Brisbane. Too many others – same same. We bought there a few years back and are very happy with the place and the people! And – I have not been anywhere else to shop – plenty locally for all occasions.

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