Wynnum Men’s Shed rally for a new home

The Wynnum Men’s Shed rally made the Nine News on June 28th. The rally was in fact about two separate but related issues – finding a home for Wynnum Men’s Shed (as they have to leave the old Wynnum Central school site), plus the City Council proposal for the site that would see only a 15m wide green strip on the redevelopment.

The rally was pretty well attended with around 100 people present. Read our other items on the issues here…

When is a park not a park?
Public rally planned to support Mens Shed

Unfortunately the issue has become a little politicised and so, to take this out of the equation, the current president of the Men’s Shed, who is closely linked to the Labor Party, will stand down soon to take some (well deserved) time off. A new president will be announced shortly.

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One Comment

  1. David it is with great regret and distress that I have had to step down from my position in the executive, on the sheds 3rd birthday last Sunday 6th July, the politics are not mine, it is a non political shed, the political crap that is going on has come from outside of our control, if my not being on the executive can save the shed, it will be worth my heartache

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