Street sculpture finally unveiled

The final part of the council’s streetscape refresh for Wynnum Central was unveiled without ceremony in the past few days – the bucket and spade sculpture on the corner of Florence Street and Bay Terrace outside WynnumCentral Member Ycel Ice Cream Galore.

Being the first to spot that the sculpture was finished, Chris from Ycel took this photo and put it up on Facebook. When WynnumCentral shared the post we honestly didn’t expect the reaction we got – 3,961 people saw the post and so far 25 comments, unfortunately mainly negative.

Whether or not you agreed with council’s choice of streetscape refresh spend (we didn’t), it is here to stay, love it or hate it!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or add to those on our Facebook page…

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  1. It’s a great disappointment to me. It’s too big and the colour is unsuitable. I can’t understand why the council didn’t continue the theme of Edith street, which is beautiful and in keeping with the area.

  2. I think it’s great! Vibrant, fun, reminds me I’m at the seaside. Just the feel that Wynnum needs.

  3. It looks totally out of place. Maybe if it was down at the foreshore – and then only maybe. And now we are stuck with it I guess.

  4. We actually need more sculptures like this around. The more the merrier and the more attention the area will get. We need Wynnum to be a destination and anything that attracts people to the area helps all those small businesses to survive and for the locals to have some fun. It would be great to have a different one on each street corner in the Wynnum CBD

  5. Its quirky and fun, but if we had to have it- needs to be on the foreshore near the kids playground. Not really what we needed (or wanted) for Wynnum. More Natural and Native references rather than Comical and Plastic.

  6. Very tacky. I thought Wynnum was trying to improve their image with beautify the street. Would have been more suitable in the playground on the foreshore.

  7. I am very disappointed with this choice – not that I particularly liked any of the offerings. As a friend of mine said, were the selectors all under 5 years of age? I think I read some time ago that the very attractive bronze sculptures in Edith Street were going to be removed. I haven’t looked lately to check – please tell me it’s not true! THEY add (or added?) a bit of beauty and art to the street and are (were?) worth keeping!

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